Operation Christmas Child

Here are some ways you can participate in OCC.

  • July and August Collection List

    Pencil Sharpeners

    Colored Pencils


    Drop your donations off at the OCC Room.

  • Pill Bottle Contents

    Last year, we collected pill bottles. For 2021, we are collecting items to go inside such as:

    nails, screws, items to make a fishing kit, straight/safety pins, buttons, needles, thread, etc.

    Drop your donations off at the OCC Room.

  • T-Shirt Jump Ropes

    Do you want to get rid of some old t-shirts? Turn your old t-shirts into jump ropes which you can then donate to OCC. Click here to view a YouTube tutorial on how to make the jump ropes.

    Don't to want to make the jump ropes? Donate your old t-shirts to OCC. We are planning a jump rope making party for later in 2021.

  • Dollar Days - 1st Sunday of Every Month

    Help us raise money to ship our shoe boxes. You can donate every 1st Sunday as you leave worship at First Baptist or click here to donate online. If you give online, select "OCC" from the fund menu.

  • Donate $ to Help Us Purchase OCC Items for Shoe Boxes

    Maybe you are not able to go shopping for the items we collect each month for OCC. Make a financial donation and we will go shopping for you. Click here to donate online. Please select "OCC" from the fund menu.