We want to help you develop into the likeness of Christ so that you can deploy to our neighbors and the nations to help people discover God's goodness. Scroll down for more information about several of our exciting adult ministries. 

MEN's Ministry

The Men’s Ministry of First Baptist Hazel Green is committed toward one goal: making each man a reflection of the character and person of Jesus Christ through the study of His Word and the building of relationships that will provide personal accountability, as well as opportunities for service in the home, church, and community.

WOMEN's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry of First Baptist Hazel Green seeks to intentionally minister to, serve, disciple, teach, connect, and love on women of all ages! Our purpose is for women to be firmly established in the knowledge of God and to live out a life of faith- restored to remain strong, firm, and steadfast throughout every season of life.

Young at heart

First Baptist is blessed with an active group of seniors. These seasoned adults serve throughout the church in various ministries and provide a rich source of experienced wisdom for our faith family. The Young @ Heart group meets monthly for a fellowship meal and discipleship, travels together to exciting conferences/activities, and deploys together to reach our neighbors and the nations.
We offer an exciting slate of adult spiritual growth classes on Wednesday evenings.
These short classes are constantly starting new. Please check the weekly worship card you receive when you come to worship for information about current classes. You may also email us at info@hazelgreenfbc.org to request class details.

First Baptist Developing and Deploying Disciples 

Dlife groups are five to eight people involved in a relational community with the purpose of developing together into the likeness of Christ. Dlife groups meet anytime and anywhere for Bible study, prayer, and spiritual accountability. By participating in a dlife group, you will be challenged to read/study through the Bible systematically and join in a weekly discussion of a focal passage. Your dlife group will encourage you to stay on track as you develop as a disciple of Christ. Every two months, each dlife group also deploys to our neighbors as they undertake a community mission project together. As you grow as a disciple through dlife, you will be encouraged to disciple others with the goal of leading your own dlife group.

At First Baptist Hazel Green, dlife is not a program...it is a lifestyle.

Would you like to join a dlife group? Fill out the form below and we will connect you as soon as possible.